[DEPRECATED] Job Step: Job Step ExecuteScriptModule

Job Step ExecuteScriptModule

Executes a function exported by a script module.

The module ID has to be configured at parameter 'ExecuteScriptModule.Module'.


This job step is deprecated. We recommend that you use the steptypes.json file to execute a script.

Execution Context:

Organization or Sites

Parallel Execution:


Always execute on restart:


Input Parameters

ExecuteScriptModule.Module : String Required

The ID of the script module, e.g. my_cartridge/cartridge/scripts/job/myScriptModule.js

ExecuteScriptModule.FunctionName : String Optional

The name of the script module's exported function to execute. If not defined teh script is supposed to export a function named 'execute'.

Default Value: execute

ExecuteScriptModule.TimeoutInSeconds : Long Optional

The timeout in seconds for the script module's function. If not defined the batch processing framework applies the default timeout.

ExecuteScriptModule.Transactional : Boolean Optional

Indicates if the script module's function requires transaction handling. The default value is 'false'. To avoid a negative impact on system performance and allow more granular transaction control, keep the default setting of 'false'. Implement transaction handling within the job step using the dw.system.Transaction API.

Default Value: false

Exit Status


Script Module execution finished successfully.


Script Module execution failed.