Job Step: Job Step DownloadActiveDataFromStorage

Job Step DownloadActiveDataFromStorage

Download active data from storage system to current site.

This step downloads active data to the new site from storage system during a site move if active data is required to migrate to the new site. Before this step can run, set the new site to 'Online' mode. This prevents premature migration for the new site. The StorageFolderName parameter needs to use the value from UploadActiveDataToStorageStep's log.

Execution Context:


Parallel Execution:

Not Supported

Always execute on restart:


Input Parameters

StorageFolderName : String Required

This is the storage folder name created by the UploadActiveDataToStorage step.

Exit Status


Used when the migration finished successfully.


Used when the migration failed. Check the dedicated job log file for the affected job execution for details.