Job Step: Job Step ExportPageLocalization

Job Step ExportPageLocalization

Export page content for localization purposes

Execution Context:


Parallel Execution:

Not Supported

Always execute on restart:


Input Parameters

ExportFile : String Optional

Export file name and path relative to 'IMPEX/src'. Required if not using FileNamePrefix.

FileFormat : String Required

The format in which the data will be exported.

Allowed Values: JSON, RESOURCE

FileNamePrefix : String Optional

Prefix for the export file. A timestamp is appended and site information as applicable. To order the files chronologically, sort alphanumerically. Path is relative to 'IMPEX/src' and can include a subdirectory. Required if not using ExportFile.

Locale : String Required

The locale for which the Page data will be exported.

OverwriteExportFile : Boolean Optional

If selected, the option overwrites an existing file. If not selected and a file exists, the job step exits and reports an error.

Default Value: true

PageIDs : JSONString Optional

A JSON object containing the single property 'page_ids', which is an array of Page IDs. When not specified, 'PageIDsFile' must be used.

PageIDsFile : String Optional

When no 'PageIDs parameter is supplied, this is the name of a file containing one Page ID per line. Its is referenced relative to the 'Impex/src' folder.'

Exit Status