Pipelet: Basket CreateBasketForOrderEdit

Pipelet CreateBasketForOrderEdit

Creates a Basket from an existing Order for the purposes of changing an Order. If this basket is passed to the CreateOrder pipelet, the original order is replaced with the new Order. Note that the new Basket will represent the original Order as closely as possible. The Status object will indicate the success or failure of the operation. Reasons for failure include the original order containing gift certificates, or if the original order was already replaced, canceled or exported. Any inventory reservation associated with the order will be canceled either early when Basket#reserveInventory is called for the new basket or (later) when a new replacement order is created from the basket. Consider reserving the basket following its creation. On failure, the status code will be one of the defined values in OrderProcessStatusCodes.




Error Connector

Transaction Required

Input Parameters

Order : Order Required

The Order from which the Basket is created.

Output Parameters

Basket : Basket : Required

The Basket containing the allowed Order items.

CreateBasketStatus : Status : Optional

A Status object indicating the success or failure of the basket creation process. See OrderProcessStatusCodes for a list of possible values.