Pipelet: Basket ReplaceLineItemProduct

Pipelet ReplaceLineItemProduct

Replaces the current product of the specified product line item with the specified product. The following rules apply: - Preserve line item attributes UUID, Quantity, CategoryID, ExternalLineItemStatus, ExternalLineItemText, isGift, GiftMessage, Position, Parent, Shipment - Replace product-specific attributes ProductID, ProductName, MinOrderQuantity, StepQuantity, ManufacturerName, ManufacturerSKU - Remove all price adjustments related to the product line item - Remove the shipping line item related to the product line item - Remove all bundled line items of current product, and add bundled line items if new product is a bundle - Remove all option line items of current product, and add option line items if new product is an option product; use default option selections - Set all price attributes to N/A - Preserve all custom attributes of line item, but override order-required attributes with values from new product




Transaction Required

Input Parameters

ProductLineItem : ProductLineItem Required

The product line item.

NewProduct : Product Required

The new product.

Quantity : Number Optional

The quantity of the product line item after replacement. If not passed, the current quantity is preserved.

ProductOptionModel : ProductOptionModel Optional

The option model of the product that is to be added to the basket. If not passed, default option selections of new product are used.