Pipelet: Catalog SetApplicablePriceBooks

Pipelet SetApplicablePriceBooks

This pipelet is used to set one or more price books to be considered by the product price lookup. The information is stored in the user session and valid until the next execution of the pipelet or on session expiration. If applicable price books are set by this pipelet, the price lookup does only use these price books to find the best price for the customer. No other price book - whether assigned to the site or not - is used by the price lookup. Price books set by this pipelet do not have to be assigned to the site in order to be used by the price lookup.



Input Parameters

PriceBook1ID : String Optional

PriceBook2ID : String Optional

PriceBook3ID : String Optional

PriceBook4ID : String Optional

PriceBook5ID : String Optional

PriceBook6ID : String Optional

PriceBook7ID : String Optional

PriceBook8ID : String Optional

PriceBook9ID : String Optional