Pipelet: Common SendMail

Pipelet SendMail

This pipelet sends an email message which is formatted and constructed using an .isml template. Address data (from, to, cc, bcc) and the subject can be specified in either the pipeline dictionary or by using <SUBJECT>, <FROM>, <TO>, <CC>, <BCC> tags in the mail template. If both (template and dictionary) are specified, then the template values take precedence. It is not allowed to use remote includes (<isinclude url="...">) or <isslot> within a mail template. The final email is put into an internal queue and is sent asynchronously. The pipelet always exits with NEXT.

Note: this pipelet allows access to sensitive financial and security information. Pay attention to appropriate legal and regulatory requirements.



Input Parameters

MailFrom : String Required

The sender's email address.

MailTemplate : String Required

The template. which should be rendered and then be sent as email.

MailTo : String Optional

The email address to which the text of the rendered template should be send.

MailSubject : String Optional

The subject to be displayed in the email. A more flexible alternative is to define the subject using atag in the mail template itself.

LocaleID : String Optional

The id of the locale that should be used for selecting the template. If the parameter is not present the pipelet uses the locale of the current request. If the parameter is present, the locale of current request is temporarily set to the passed locale during the formatting of the email. Developers should keep this in mind if resource bundle lookup is used to retrieve locale-sensitive strings within the template.

MailCC : String Optional

MailBCC : String Optional

An optional BCC recipient of the email.