Pipelet: Customer CreateCustomer

Pipelet CreateCustomer

This pipelet creates a new Customer using the supplied Login (i.e. Username),Password, and an optional CustomerNo. If the optional CustomerNo is not specified, the system automatically assigns a customer number based on the customer sequence numbers configured for the site and/or organization.

The pipelet exits with an ERROR if any of the following conditions are encountered:

  • A Customer with the supplied Login already exists.
  • A Customer with the explicitly provided or calculated customer number already exists.
  • The Login is not acceptable.
  • The Password is not acceptable.
  • The system cannot create the Customer.

A valid login name has between 1 and 256 characters (not counting leading or trailing whitespace). The name can contain the uppercase and lowercase Latin letters A to Z and a to z, the digits 1 to 9, and special characters .@_\\-'#!&$%*+/?=^`~}|{"

Note: a storefront can be customized to provide further constraints on characters in a login name, but it cannot remove any constraints described above.

A valid CustomerNo is between 1 and 100 characters in length (not counting leading or trailing whitespace). Commerce Cloud Digital recommends that a CustomerNo only contain characters valid for URLs.

If the customer search API is configured to use the new Search Service, note that the new customer might not be found immediately via the search service (there is a slight delay in updating the index). Use the customer object returned by this pipelet instead.




Error Connector

Transaction Required

Input Parameters

Login : String Required

The unique login name associated with the new customer and its profile. If login is already in use, the pipelet ends on the ERROR exist.

Password : String Required

Customer plain customer password, which is encrypted before it is stored at the profile.

CustomerNo : String Optional

The unique CustomerNo is an optional parameter. The system will automatically assign a new value when not specified. When provided explicitly, the system will make sure that no other customer uses the same value and will end on the ERROR exist otherwise.

Output Parameters

Customer : Customer : Required

The new customer object.