Pipelet: Customer InitiateOAuthLogin

Pipelet InitiateOAuthLogin

This pipelet works in tandem with other pipelets (FinalizeOAuthLoginXX). It starts the process of authentication via an external OAuth2 provider. It takes one parameter - OAuthProviderId (as configured in the system). Outputs an URL pointing to the OAuth2 provider's web page to which the browser should redirect to initiate the actual user authentication. The pipelet stores a few key/values in the session (Custom.Privacy, implementation specific parameters and may change at any time) to be picked up by the FinalizeOAuthLogin pipelet when the provider redirects back.




Error Connector

Input Parameters

OAuthProviderID : String Required

The OAuth provider ID

Output Parameters

AuthorizationURL : String : Required

The URL to which the user should be redirected to login at the external provider.