Pipelet: Customer LoginAgentUser

Pipelet LoginAgentUser

Login an agent user, which is authorized to login on-behalf of a customer for instance to place an order. The login is only allowed during a secure protocol request (https) and only in the storefront context. Otherwise a PipelineExecutionException is thrown. If the login of the agent user fails, a Status object is returned, which allows to find out the reason, what was going wrong. See dw.system.AgentUserStatusCodes for more information.

Note: this pipelet allows access to sensitive financial and security information. Pay attention to appropriate legal and regulatory requirements.




Error Connector

Transaction Required

Input Parameters

Login : String Required

The login name of the agent user.

Password : String Required

The agent users password.

Output Parameters

Status : Status : Required

The agent user login status. See dw.system.AgentUserStatusCodes for more information.