Pipelet: Customer ResetCustomerPassword

Pipelet ResetCustomerPassword

Generates a random Password and assigns it to the supplied Customer. The random password fits the security requirements as configured by the system. The system configured password length and casing can be overridden by the pipelets parameter for password case and length. Such overruling will only take place if the passed case / length implies a stronger password than given through the system settings (i.e. the password can only be made longer or mixed case can be enforced by the passed parameter, but you can't make it shorter or enforce lower / upper case if the system already enforces mixed case).




Transaction Required

Configuration Properties

PasswordCase : String Optional Permissible Values:

Lower Case

Mixed Case

Upper Case

PasswordLength : Integer Optional

Input Parameters

Customer : Customer Required

Customer to reset password for. Must represent a registered customer, otherwise the pipelet throws an exception.

Output Parameters

Password : String : Required

The random password generated by the pipelet.