Pipelet: ImpEx ExportCouponCodes

Pipelet ExportCouponCodes

Exports the codes of a specified Coupon.




Error Connector

Transaction Required

Input Parameters

Coupon : Coupon Required

Pipelet will export codes of this coupon.

OverwriteExportFile : Boolean Optional

Optional flag indicating whether to overwrite an existing export file or not. true=overwrite (default), false=don't overwrite.

ExportFile : String Required

Export file path. This path is relative to the 'src' subdirectory within the top-level IMPEX directory.

StartFrom : Number Optional

Specifies the position of the first code to export. If not specified, pipelet will start with the next unissued code of the coupon.

NumberOfCodes : Number Optional

Number of codes to export. If not specified, pipelet will export all unissued codes of the coupon. See also parameter 'StartFrom'.

Output Parameters

ErrorCode : Integer : Optional

Export status code. Zero represents an export without process errors. Any other value indicates an error. This value will always be the same as the number after the "IMPEX-" prefix in Status.code.

ErrorMsg : String : Optional

Status message associated with the status code. This value will be the same as Status.message.

LogFileName : String : Optional

The name of the log file. This file is located in the 'log' subdirectory of the IMPEX area. This value will always be the same as the detail LogFileName in the returned Status object.

Status : Status : Optional

Status object representing the result of the export operation. The status property (Status.status) will be set to 0 if the export executed without any process errors or 1 otherwise. The code property (Status.code) will be set to one of the following values:

IMPEX-0 = Successful.
IMPEX-100 = One or more input parameters given were null.
IMPEX-102 = The given ExportFile exists and the OverwriteExportFile flag is false.
IMPEX-105 = The path of the given ImportFile is invalid, e.g. the path cannot contain "../".
IMPEX-156 = There is no data to export.
IMPEX-158 = The 'Coupons' input parameter is missing.
IMPEX-163 = The 'NumberOfCodes' input parameter is missing.
IMPEX-164 = The 'StartFrom' input parameter is missing.
IMPEX-170 = Encountered an internal fatal error. Additional information is in the details of the Status object.
IMPEX-171 = System IO error.
IMPEX-173 = System input parameter is invalid.

The status object will always have the following detail:

LogFileName = (String) The log file name in which the import logged all debug, warning, and error messages.