Pipelet: Search UpdateSearchIndex

Pipelet UpdateSearchIndex

This pipelet updates search indexes for all sites and allowed locales of your organization. Search indexes can be rebuilt completely or updated incrementally. The indexing can be configured to run synchronous or asynchronous. The pipelet cannot be used to trigger full or incremental updates of a shared search availability index by custom jobs. This is because the search availability index is updated automatically and incrementally when inventory records are updated or orders are placed in the storefront. The index is updated when inventory records are updated in Business Manager or via import.




Transaction Required

Configuration Properties

Index : String Required

The index selector determines which index type (product, content, synonym, suggest or availability) is being updated by the pipelet. The selected index is updated in all allowed site locales automatically.

Permissible Values:

Active Data Indexes

Product Availability Indexes

Content Search Indexes

Product Search Indexes

Ranking Indexes (deprecated)

Suggest Indexes

Synonym Indexes

IndexerMode : String Required

The indexer mode determines whether the pipelet triggers the indexing to run in the background (Asynchronous) or waits for the indexing to complete (Synchronous).

Permissible Values:



IndexerType : String Required

The indexer type determines whether an index is rebuild from scratch (Full) or only updated with object changes (Incremental).

Permissible Values:

Full Index Rebuild

Incremental Index Update

IndexScope : String Optional

The index scope selector determines if the selected index is to be updated within all sites of the current organization or within the current jobs scoped site.

Permissible Values: