Pipelet: Util InvalidateWebCache

Pipelet InvalidateWebCache

Invalidates web page cache and/or static content cache (images, styles, etc.) of the specified site, the current site or of all sites. The page cache may be selectively invalidated by specifying a set of page cache partition IDs, which will invalidate only the page cache that matches the pipelines specified with the partitions.




Transaction Required

Configuration Properties

InvalidatePageCache : String Required

If true then all pages in the (pipeline) page cache are deleted, otherwise not. If the PageCachePartitionsIDs parameters is specified, only those partitions are invalidated, not the entire page cache.

Permissible Values:



InvalidateStaticCache : String Required

If true then all files in the static content cache are deleted, otherwise not.

Permissible Values:



Input Parameters

SiteID : String Optional

The id of the site whose caches are to be invalidated. If value "ALL" is given the caches of all sites (of this organization) are cleared. If omitted (or null specified) the caches of the current site are invalidated.

PageCachePartitionIDs : String Optional

A comma separated list of page cache partition IDs to invalidate in the page cache. If these are specified, only the portion of the page cache specified by the partitions is invalidated, as opposed to the entire page cache.