Script: Class dw.system.OrganizationPreferences

Class OrganizationPreferences

OrganizationPreferences is a container for custom global (i.e. organization-level) attributes. The object corresponds with system object definition "OrganizationPreferences". It has no system attributes and exists only as a place for merchants to define custom attributes which need to be available to all of their sites.

An instance is obtained by calling System.getPreferences(). Once an instance of the container is obtained, it is possible to read/write organization preference values by using the usual syntax for ExtensibleObject instances. For example:

var orgPrefs : OrganizationPreferences = dw.system.System.getPreferences(); var myOrgPrefValue : String = orgPrefs.getCustom()["myOrgPref"];

Note: this class allows access to sensitive security-related data. Pay special attention to PCI DSS v3. requirements 2, 4, and 12.

Commerce Cloud Digital defines many organization-level preferences, relating to locale, timezone, geolocations, etc, which can be managed within the "Global Preferences" module of the Business Manager, but these preferences are not accessible through this object.

Constructor Summary

This class does not have a constructor, so you cannot create it directly.

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