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Class LocalServiceRegistry

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    • dw.svc.LocalServiceRegistry

The LocalServiceRegistry is responsible for managing Service instances.

Typical usage involves several steps:

  1. The service is defined in the Business Manager and configured with necessary credentials.

  2. An instance of the service is created and configured in a script:

    var myFTPService = LocalServiceRegistry.createService("MyFTPService", { mockExec : function(svc:FTPService, params) { return [ { "name": "file1", "timestamp": new Date(2011, 02, 21)}, { "name": "file2", "timestamp": new Date(2012, 02, 21)}, { "name": "file3", "timestamp": new Date(2013, 02, 21)} ]; }, createRequest: function(svc:FTPService, params) { svc.setOperation("list", "/"); }, parseResponse : function(svc:FTPService, listOutput) { var x : Array = []; var resp : Array = listOutput; for(var i = 0; i < resp.length; i++) { var f = resp[i]; x.push( { "name": f['name'], "timestamp": f['timestamp'] } ); } return x; } });

  3. The service is called in order to perform the operation:

    var result : Result =; if(result.status == 'OK') { // The result.object is the object returned by the 'after' callback. } else { // Handle the error. See result.error for more information. }

Unlike ServiceRegistry, the configured service is local to the current script call, so this deals directly with Service instances rather than the intermediate ServiceDefinition. This means that a cartridge-level initialization script (and the package.json) is no longer needed.

See ServiceCallback for all the callback options, and individual Service classes for customization specific to a service type.

Constructor Summary

This class does not have a constructor, so you cannot create it directly.

Method Summary

static createService(serviceId : String, configObj : Object) : Service

Constructs and configures a service with a callback.

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Method Detail


static createService(serviceId : String, configObj : Object) : Service

Constructs and configures a service with a callback.


serviceId - Unique Service ID.

configObj - Configuration callback. See ServiceCallback for a description of available callback methods.


Associated Service, which can be used for further protocol-specific configuration.